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The Multisite Shift

    Photo by Terje Sollie

    There are now some 5,000 multisite churches around the U.S. — that’s more than 10,000 unique church locations. Many of these 10,000 campuses are linked to one another every Sunday morning by a single connection: video screens. These video campuses broadcast the sermon being preached at another campus.

    Video venues are perhaps the clearest example of how technology is changing church. Advances in audio-visual technologies, as well as Internet and email capabilities have made video campuses feasible. At first, the large auditoriums in megachurches simply required video screens so people could see the pastor. After that, it was only a short step to video campuses.

    As these video campuses have spread churches out, another shift is going on—one that is no longer spatial, but psychological. Pastors at single-site churches traditionally used altars, stages, pulpits, and titles like “senior pastor” to represent their authority as an ordained minister. Now with multisites, the video screen is the newest addition to that list.

    This is not first time we’ve made this psychological shift though.

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