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What are “Very Successful” Church Planters doing differently?

    In the Fall of 2022, GACX conducted a survey with 282 global church planters to learn more about their habits, beliefs, and plans for the future of church planting. The 50-question survey explored the state of church planting by zeroing in on three primary areas: online training, technology use, and collaboration. In addition to English-language respondents, GACX received responses from French, Spanish, Korean, Arabic, and Portuguese speakers. 

    The survey’s findings offered many reasons to be encouraged about the state of global church planting: 75% of respondents reported that their church planting efforts felt successful in the preceding 12 months. Additionally, 84% reported feeling effective with their online leadership training. (“Effective” and “successful” were two key terms in our survey.)  Even more encouraging is the 94% of respondents who reported collaborating with other ministries to share knowledge (69%), share educational resources (54%), and co-create new church planting resources (37%).

    The survey also illuminated some of the challenges that remain, while uncovering some potential remedies as well. Challenges include language barriers (44%), establishing relationships and growing them (36%), low training attendance and completion rates (34%), budget limitations (29%), and difficulty tracking success (28%). After unpacking our findings, we’ll look at how they might help address these challenges.

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